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Signs and Symptoms of a Sinus Infection, Causes, Treatment and Complications


Sinus infection is a serious disease that is associated with inflammation of the air cavities within the nose passage. The condition can be caused by infection, allergy and chemical irritation on the sinuses. The reason for the occurrence of the infection is viral, bacterial or fungal growth on the sinus cavity. The condition can be permanent if one fails to seek medical attention.


The main cause of sinus infection is environmental pollens and various irritants such as chemicals. The other cause of sinus infection is anything that blocks the air from flowing freely and the mucus from coming out of the nose. The other cause of sinus could be tumors and growths that block the sinuses if they occur near sinus openings. One can also get Sinitus infections due to dehydration, disease, medication, and the air is insufficient. Sinitus can also be as a result of blockage of the nasal cavities that are attributed by thick mucus. When the mucus is not discharged bacteria and viruses can have a medium of growth.


Sinuous infections are many and are grouped into various groups.  When classified under durations sinus infections can be grouped into acute, subacute and chronic. Actute Sinitus is the one that is characterized by the shortest duration of time that is 3_5days. The type of sinus infection that has more hazardous than acute Sinitus is referred to as subacute Sinitus. The type of Sinitus that lasts for a period of 4months is referred to as chronic Sinitus. The most serious type of Sinitus and is attributed with various attacks all year long is referred to as recurrent Sinitus.  When it comes to the type of inflammation Sinitus is subdivided into two, infected sinusitis and noninfectious sinusitis. The cause of infected sinusitis is uncomplicated virus infections. Look up ENT Reno online for your options. 


Noninfectious sinusitis is caused by irritants and various allergies. There are various signs and symptoms that are associated with sinus infection. The main sign is very painful headaches. This is as a result of pressure in partially and completely blocked sinuses. The pain becomes more severe when a person bends down. The face becomes more tender and swelling may occur in various occasions where the sinus infection has occurred.  Fever comes about as a result of inflammation of sinus tissues, which is a sign of Sinitus. The patient may also experience post nasal drip. This is a condition where there is overproduction of mucus from sinusitis that flows to  the throat and irritates the throat tissue.


 Medical practitioners have all the knowledge that is needed to treat sinus infection. However, one is always advised to consult an ent practitioner. This is personel who are specialized in dealing with all conditions that are associated with ent. The roles of ent practitioners is doing x-rays as well as surgeries if there is a need for one. It is advisable for one to seek  medical attention before the condition worsens.


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